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26 July 2009

It's only 86 degrees in my bedroom right now.

I wish I could live without air conditioning. This is really sad. I want to, like, die because there is no air conditioning in my house, and MY MAKEUP IS MELTING. I had to move quite a bit of my makeup to the refrigerator. I moved lotions and hair products to the basement, where the temperature is perfect. I am not sure what effect cold has on mascara, but I know that hot is bad. If my mascara is ruined after this, I will probably break a plate or something. 

I super insulated my window by putting my bathrobe and a towel over it to keep the heat out of my bedroom. I have my fan on full blast. My bedroom is FOUR DEGREES COOLER than outside. This is just unpleasant. 

I am also covered in bruises. I'm tempted to blame it on cancer. 

I'm also tempted to remove the shelves from my refrigerator and crawl inside. 

I have a lot of good things to say Harry Potter an the Half-Blood Prince. 

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l'imagination est la clef said...

LOL, your going to crawl in your fridge. It is pretty hot outside though, I melt every time I sleep. Opening the window doesn't even help, I'm just counting down to Fall.