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01 August 2009


I have been in a cloud of angst as of late, and it's not even my own. 

Also, a lot of the people I follow on Twitter have been "whine, whine, whine" all week because they think other people give a shit. A clue: I do not follow you on Twitter to hear about your life unless you're my friend. If I watch your YT videos and have been directed to your Twitter for updates about said videos THAT IS WHY I AM FOLLOWING YOU. And I don't want to hear you bitch about how you really don't want anyone to say anything to you about anything or how much of a whiny brat you are. And I definitely don't want to read your little rants about it interspersed with "I am too old for this" or any variation thereof. 


Boyfriend bought me the most delicious nachos in the world followed by des livres! I got three non-fiction books and one fiction that D and I have both been eyeing because the cover and title are interesting. 

I started reading Modoc. It's about an elephant. I read two chapters. I started feeling sad because I like animals, even though it's not sad at all. 

My brother always bitches about Ayn Rand, but he's never read any of her books (and knows nothing about her), so I gave him my copy of one of her books (Anthem),and he lost it. I see no point in saying anything about something of which you know nothing. I was not planning on reading the book ever again, but he could have respected my ownership and at least returned it to me. I did pay for it. Asshole. 

I bought new nail polish, orange and purple. 

I had a bag of dried flowers that my ex gave me (I had saved the flowers for six years---no big deal), and I accidentally overturned the bag, and there are bits of dried flowers all over my bedroom now. Win. 

Boyfriend is attempting to make my birthday a non-stressful event. Snaps for that. We will see how that goes. Also, he gave me a bottle of the beer that is Belgian and has the pink elephant on the bottle. Well, he gave me one of them. There are a whole bunch. HE DID NOT GET THE CHRISTMAS ONE THAT HAS AN ELEPHANT WEARING A FUNNY HAT. Of course, I have not got a place to put any bottles (or any beer for that matter), so I haven't got a clue what to do with it. I'll have to drink it, obviously, but I'll have to share it with someone! after I refrigerate it. 

I have to go on an #UHA spree on Twitter. Obnoxious people. 

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