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16 July 2009


Today I decided to check my registration to see if there were any classes open that would actually count toward my major (aside from math), and I found one: CHEMISTRY! I have not been in a chemistry class in six years, and I am so excited. I love chemistry! After this semester, I have to take Principles of Chem. II, and I can take biology! I am so excited to be on the right track, finally. I didn't know I was allowed to take precal and chem at the same time, which is why I never did. Of course, this means I am going to have to do a ton of work this semester (and next semester, not more stupid biology), but I don't care: I am so happy that I am taking classes that matter to me. I am so happy to not be wasting time. I just hope they transfer. 

I do not know that I have much else to say. 

Good day. 

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