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08 September 2009


Still waiting for my birthday present. Hmph!

A friend ordered a movie for me. I'm awaiting its arrival (on Thursday? methinks).

I've been getting really sick in the mornings for the past few days, and that's no bueno, obviously. I have a test tomorrow, and I absolutely have to be at school at 8:30 A.M. to go to my philosophy class that I have missed like four times. I can't do that if I'm feeling woozy! I can't take a two question essay test if I'm feeling woozy, either. The last time I did that, I FAILED. Woozy be gone!

I am really excited for September because Bones is coming back. That's really all that matters in life. The new season of House looks stupid and just as annoying as all the others, so I'll pass. Even though all episodes of Bones are exactly the same way, I just can't stop watching it. BUT the best thing of all: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE! I really shouldn't watch that show because I pick a favorite, get attached, and become really sad when that person inevitably leaves. Except not last season--Jeanine won! and she was in my top three. Oh well.

Also, it puts me one month closer to seeing New Moon. Hello.

I'm supposed to mail stuff today, and I need to do that now, but I can't because I'm feeling rather ill. The woozy. Very bad, very bad.

The natural food store next to my house is amazing.

I cannot choose a nail color for this week! :o/


Anonymous said...

I think were all sleepy--i went to sleep in the library @ school for like 2 hrs i think. But, i didnt know there was a health food store near our house. I should go look at it one day (aka:friday)

ich said...

The movie is not a birthday gift. Well, you can consider it a belated gift for this year's birthday. Yay.