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09 September 2009

Tests. MEEP.

I had a two question essay test in history today. I knew the answers, but I was having a lot of difficulty articulating them. :o/ My brain has been a bit scrambled this week (as I've been sick in an odd way), and I know the grade on the test won't be what I want. I also believe it is an extremely bad sample of my writing. My teacher will think I'm an idiot! but I think I answered the questions, which is the point.

D made me listen to new music in the car yesterday, and it was amazing.

He also bought me more books. I definitely needed them all. He bought lots of books for himself as well.

Philosophy is going well. I still need to go see an adviser and get all my stuff straightened out, but things keep distracting me and making me forget, like today I was stressing about my test. Maybe I'll go early tomorrow morning. I probably won't. I'll be there on Friday! Today my English teacher was using more references that I don't understand. I didn't do the reading, so I failed the reading quiz. :o(

I have lots of goodies coming in the mail. Yay.

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