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12 October 2009


I'm journaling. I bought a cute Wizard of Oz journal. It adds incentive, or more incentive anyway.

Straight Sexy Hair straightening balm (I think?) smells delicious, and I want to sniff it all the time.

Therapy today. It went well enough. I used the word "fuck" TWICE for the first time in over a year. It just happened. Oh well.

I went to the zoo, man. I love the zoo. I got a poster! and a mug! and a mood ring. THAT IS RIGHT. I got a sweet mood ring. I forgot that I find mood rings to be extremely entertaining. My temperature always yields a blue color (or black when I'm sleeping).
Super fun.

I gave the boyfriend a new gnome, and he left it here.

Now, I am ruminating. This is what I do. I ruminate. This is why I must journal.

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