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16 October 2009

Zoya "Veruschuka" Matte Nail Polish

I don't have a photo because I did a really awful job on this manicure, but the color is a matte, forest green. It's very pretty if applied properly. It's not as opaque as Dovima, so I had to use two coats, but the formula is better. I have no chips or tip wear so far, and even though it's only been a few hours, that's already better than Dovima. If I add a clear top coat, some sparkles come out, but not many. That's about all about that.

I tried some Almay foundation. Almay Nearly Naked Makeup. It feels pretty nice on my skin. I applied it with my fingers today. I'll see how it applies with a brush later. I did not use a primer with it, but it feels like it might have some kind of silicone in it anyway. I'll check the ingredients.

That's all. Nothing interesting.

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