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01 October 2009


I ordered two Zoya nail polishes. I got one free, but since their shipping is almost seven dollars, I'm counting it as significantly reduced shipping (since I technically paid for two bottles, plus some). I still saved six dollars! I ordered Yasmeen (what Flying Dragon should have been) and Veruschuka, which is part of the winter matte collection. It's a dark green. It's going to chip just as badly as Dovima. WHY DID I BUY IT?!

I don't know if I mentioned this---since Dovima is matte, it has to be worn on the nails completely by itself. It chipped within a few hours of application. Next time I will try two coats, even though only one is necessary. Perhaps that will help with the chipping.

I also got a bunch of stuff in MUA swaps, but I have tucked it all away, and I can't remember what any of it is.

Except one thing.

I never tried Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip glosses because I buy my lip gloss elsewhere, but someone sent me one (brand new, still sealed, obviously unused) in Cupquake. It smells and tastes like cake. CAKE. I have had lip gloss that smells like cake before. I have never had lip gloss that tastes like cake. I am officially in love with them, and I will buy tons and tons and tons of them until the end of time. Cupquake is also really pretty, but really---it could be hideous, and I'd like it because it tastes like cake. It's also super sticky which means it stays on forever. I even napped with it on, and it was still there---glitter and all. <3

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