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14 January 2010

My Favourite Book

There are certain songs that I used to hear and think of my boyfriend. Now I'm not with that boyfriend, and they make me feel a little sad. :o(

I have started classes. I am taking French, psychology, history, and math. I also have an online biology class, but I still have to pay for that one, and I don't want to take it online anyway. It makes no sense to take a bio lab on the interwebz.

I find all of the people in my classes to be below par. By that I mean they're all idiots. My psychology teacher gave us an assignment to find an article about human development and critique it. At least four people had to ask what he meant by that. They pretty much wanted him to write out their papers for them. Not to mention he told us to write one paragraph, and that's ridiculously easy. The hard part is finding a good article. I don't know what's wrong with those people, except maybe they're mentally handicapped. It's always possible.

I bought the new Revlon PhotoReady foundation, and so far I really like it. I applies really smoothly, and the color match is perfect.

I love The White Stripes.

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