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13 August 2010

A quick little update.

I am slotted to work this weekend as an extra in a movie being filmed here, so I will have a little bit of money coming in. Other than that, I am trying to find a more steady job as I am taking a break from school this semester (like I need it---I am so far behind! ugh).

I mixed my own nail polish yesterday. It was my first time ever doing it, and it actually came out pretty well. It reminds me a lot of Color Club Revvvolution, except it is a bit lighter and no holographic-ness to it. It is very pretty nonetheless, and there is a lot of glitter. I used about four different glitter nail polishes in it, two grays, a clear basecoat (to thin it out), some quick dry drops (to thin it out), remnants of Seche Vite topcoat (that's the bottle in which I mixed it), some random Wet 'n' Wild glitter I had lying around, a gold pigment from NYX, a silver pigment from NYX, and a white iridescent pigment from a Hello Kitty stack I bought years ago from Target. The pigments ended up swirling around in the polish, so each application should be a unique experience. That excites me.

I have been doing a lot of e-bay shopping lately. I have spent a total of eighty six dollars or so on e-bay. I bought a gorgeous bra from my favorite bra company (Chantelle) for less than half the retail price (and it is unworn, perfect condition, pretty and lacy, which is not something I can usually wear as I have giant boobs), two nail polishes, some Invader Zim nail decals --not totally sure why I bought those, a Swarovski crystal encrusted snake ring, a cute peridot ring as that is my birthstone, and I have always wanted one!, a lot of five Hamsa pendants, a gold elephant bracelet and maybe something I am forgetting? I do not know.

I also bought a few nail polishes at Walgreens the other day. I bought a Wet 'n' Wild one in Club Havana, which is a nice, neon coral. Two colors from Sinful Colors as I find those nail polishes are fabulous quality, especially for such a cheap price tag. I went to CVS to see if I could find Milani's Dressmaker, which is an exact dupe of Chanel's Jade (which sells now for 400 - 500 USD) and is just a really pretty color, but I could not find it. I shall check other CVS stores. If I am unable to find it, I will try to swap for it or live without it. It is not that important to me, and I am not willing to pay the ridiculous prices people will set for it on e-bay. It is a five fucking dollar nail polish, so I do not think you are justified in setting the base price at fifteen, assholes. I do not care how highly coveted/hard to find the polish is: don't be a dick.

I set up a swap with a girl on MUA, and she has no idea that I am sending her a ridiculous amount of extras. I was already sending her three nail polishes (OPI Got A Date To-Knight, China Glaze Watermelon Rind, and Seche Clear base coat), but I sent her my Poshe top coat because I did not like it even though it is similar to Seche Vite minus all the gross chemicals, and I figured she'd need a thick top coat for Watermelon Rind as it is glittery and thick, which means it'll be chunky feeling without a good, thick top coat. I hope that one works for her. I also sent her a Sally Girl polish in white to use under Got A Date To-Knight because it is a super sheer color that must to be applied over a white base otherwise you'll be applying like five coats to get it opaque. I also sent an OPI mini in You're A Pisa Work. She is only sending me one nail polish and a facial cleanser! I do not know if she will include extras. We shall see. I should receive her package on Wednesday.
I also set up a swap for my black and white striped tunnels that I cannot get into my ears and China Glaze Orange Marmalade (another glittery one; I just don't like glitters that much), but I do not remember offhand what she is sending me. I keep these things recorded, though. I do not think I sent her any extras though. OH! know what she sent me! I already got her package! OPI Chocolate Shake-speare and a Jordana liner in a green sparkly color. And a weird smelling, cheap lip balm. It is a very moisturizing lip balm though. I think I will give it to my sister. Her lips get really dry, and I have tons of lip balms already. I wanted to send her a lip balm tin or two, but I could not find them when I was packing up her package! It shall be sent out today.

Yesterday while I was out with Brother Bear (who left last night, :o(((( I will miss him so much), we found this delightful little antique store behind a DUI school and another antique store, and I was so excited! I found a bunch of really awesome stuff, like a Winnie the Pooh nutcracker, an antique toaster, a bunch of adorable elephant figurines, really nice unicorn figurines, an old-fashioned baby doll stroller, a Swiss musical stein, some adorable necklaces and clutches, a few rooster things for my mom, some owl stuff, adorable furniture, beautiful tableware, a tabletop lighter (I love those!), and lots and lots of other neat things.

I read Middlesex by Jeffree Eugenides, which I hate. I found it to be similar to The Kite Runner in that I believe the author was merely capitalizing on the struggle of intersex individuals at the time of writing and exploiting an important issue just to make money and get on the bestseller list. Oh, and Oprah. Not to mention it is a book that reaches a pretty large audience because it is fiction, and people are afraid to read true stories about things they do not understand --like intersex issues--, and I fear that people will call intersex hermaphrodite, which is incorrect, and they will also just assume that all intersex people are inbred, as the character in the book is closely inbred. Eugenides also wasted a lot of words talking about Greece, explaining the past and did not put much focus on the character's struggle with his sex. It also seems very over-written, like there was too much effort into every single word in the book, and while I know writing should take some effort (it does for most people), I do not want to see your effort. Like dancing, I believe a word of literature should seem as if it was written effortlessly. Not a fan of that book at all. I am not sure if I have already discussed this. I hope I am not repeating myself.

I am going to miss my brother so much while he is away. Obviously I grew up with him, but he was gone at school for three years, and I have had him back at home for a year and a half now, and he is leaving again for school far away. I love my brother! I am so accustomed to having him here now, so I was sad to see him leave. I will have to gather the gas money to go visit him as he will not be coming back home much since his bed is no longer here, and he has to sleep in my room when he visits, which neither of us really likes. He has been having an awfully bad week, too, and I wish I could have cheered him up while he was here. He feels a bit better now though. :o( I miss him!

I suppose there is nothing else new to report, and I shy away from intelligent blog posts. Why would I waste my energy on a silly little blog?

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