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23 November 2010

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (a review, and I cried)

If you read the book, you know why I cried. It is sad. It's more sad to see it than to read about it. I did not think it would be that way.

Anyway, I found this movie to be most true to the book than the rest (which makes sense as they made this one into two movies instead of one), and I appreciate that a lot. Every scene has that dark, silvery quality to it which adds the necessary sense of danger without scaring people too much. There are obviously things that didn't make it, but the most important things did. (I also hear everything will be on the DVD.)

Without the book, this one stands alone. Without the other movies it wouldn't be as sad, but it still stands alone. So congratulations David Yates. I approve of your work, and as you know, I am very important.

So overall I had a difficult time watching this one because so many things happen, and it all makes me sad. Harry Potter has always made me sad anyway, but seeing people* die just exacerbates that.

I really don't have much to say. Well done, nicely executed. The actors did quite well, as usual. I will say, however, that someone ought to have put Rupert Grint on a diet. He's not supposed to be "fluffy". He's supposed to be gangly and weird. Harry's also a little too muscular. And I would never complain about Emma Watson.

*elves, owls, Mad Eye Moody

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