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24 November 2010

If you do a lot of shopping online:

You should use ebates. They have tons of stores on the site (you just have to make sure you go to the store from the link on the ebates site to get your cash back). It's 100% legit, not a scam.

And if you're interested, please use my referral code: I get money for it, AND you get money for it!

I am kicking myself right now because I forgot about my ebates account, and I have done a LOT of online shopping (particularly on ebay, which is a site listed on the ebates website). Anyway, you get a certain percentage of whatever you spend at a store BACK when you shop through ebates. It's a win-win.

On black Friday, the percentage rates double, so if you're planning to do your black Friday shopping online -- USE EBATES. They also provide a lot of awesome coupon codes and such for whichever stores you choose. CHECK IT OUT. Link above!

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