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10 February 2011

Orly "Pixie Dust"

This is from Orly's "Once Upon A Time" collection. This marks the fifth polish from this collection that I own, which means I am only missing (Poison Apple, a generic red that I don't need) one. I find some weird satisfaction in that.

Anyway, this polish is not as nice as the others from this collection. I found it a bit thick and goopy with inconsistent application. I used three coats to make them all even, but some of my nails were opaque in two coats. I'm also bothered by the glitter. If one looks closely, the micro-glitter is actually multicolored, but it is so small that it appears to be just silver. I like the effect that it gives, but I would also like it if the colors were more noticeable. This dries well, and I would not count the consistency issues as a real downside because it is fixable. I love love love this color, so I would recommend trying it if you see it.

Slate w/micro-glitter

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