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03 May 2011 customizable, free "splash" page for your content!

The newest BzzCampaign I have joined is called This is a fully customizable page that allows users to share all online profiles, etc. in one, organized place as well as giving the user feedback (i.e. how many people looked at the page? how much time do you, the user, spend on your own page? etc.). I do not find a personal use for this type of thing, but I suppose if you are starting a business it could be extremely useful.

Even though I do not find it useful for myself, I did play with it, and I made my own page! I was able to use a photo of my own as my background image without the image becoming distorted like on other sites, and I could choose ANY colors I wanted for everything on the page from background to titles. The one problem I found is the font selection: it's very limited, and I had a difficult time choosing a font for my page that I found aesthetically pleasing and to my general tastes. Font aside, users can add ANY websites of which they are members/users to their pages, plus can be connected to a plethora of other social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). The purpose is to have all of one's social connections available in one place.

As I said, I would only find this useful for business. For personal use, I do not want to make a page from which others may find me anywhere else on the internet. That said, though, the page is fully customizable, so only the sites you want to be shared will be shared.

I hope this is useful!

(and here is my page!

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