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04 June 2011

Today, today.

Today is the day of the party for my sister's birthday, which was Thursday. She's so old now!
I also might go to a friend's party tonight, but I am not so sure how I'll feel about that later.

I think I might start taking chlorophyll. I hear it's very good for the body, and since I do not eat a lot of green, leafy vegetables it might do me some good.

Something made my face break out really, really bad. I have been using this method to clear it up, and it works quite well. I have also been using salicylic acid products. This does make my skin feel dry, and it makes it a lot more sensitive to the sun, but this is what I always must do to clear my skin up. Because I get cystic acne, I find that I almost have to poison my skin to repair it. I have been trying to only put the medicated things on the problem areas, though, since my skin has been insanely sensitive of late.

I believe my skin has become more sensitive because I have been using a glycolic acid toner. I was using it every night and never in the mornings, but since my skin has become so sensitive I have switched to using it every other night. I have also been using my pineapple enzyme mask once a week instead of twice to limit my exfoliation and help my skin heal while still keeping it healthy.

The measures I have taken thus far to help my skin have been very effective. I also switched my night moisturizer (because I am pretty sure that's what broke me out) to CeraVe moisturizing cream instead of my Eucerin Sensitive Skin CoQ10 cream. The CeraVe feels much less heavy on my face, absorbs more quickly, and moisturizes just as well (if not better than) as the Eucerin. It's also quite a bit less expensive. I get a 16 oz. tub for fourteen dollars while the Eucerin was about ten dollars for a lot less than 16 ounces. So there!

In other news, Lola has grown to be a gigantic beast! She is still as precious as always, though. I love my precious puppeh!

I have been considerably less social of late than I would like. It seems that when I am in a social mood, others are busy. When others are in a social mood, I am not in a social mood. I am not entirely sure how to handle that. I just hate making myself go out when I don't feel like it. I always end up doing something I wish I hadn't.

I have been trying to watch the movie The Red Shoes for the past two days, and I simply cannot finish it. I have found it quite boring thus far.

I watched 2001: A Space Odyssey for the second time in my life a few weeks ago. It is as mind-numbing and awful as I remember it.

I also watched Poltergeist for the first time since I was a child, and I found it to be quite helpful because I will no longer have nightmares about it. It's not as scary to me now as it was when I was a child.

I watched Salò or 120 Days of Sodom last night. People say it is traumatizing and difficult to watch. It is supposed to be one of the most messed up movies ever made. I will not lie and say it's not really screwed up, but I did not find it especially difficult to watch. I will say I found a few scenes made me quite uncomfortable, and I'm not about to recommend anyone watch it.

I watched Dario Argento's Opera also. I love that movie. I love Dario Argento.

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