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07 November 2011

Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes Photos + Review

The above photo of the mascara on my lashes was taken after I had taken a nap which accounts for the mascara flakes underneath my eye.

What You Should Know:
- America's most iconic mascara brand introduces a new innovative applicator brush -- The Great Little Grabber
- Easily reaches the inner and outer corners of the eye
- Builds your lash look with no clumps
- Available in three washable shades
- Available at mass retailers for 6.40 USD

What Maybelline Claims:
Lots of Lashes features the new Great Little Grabber brush, a heart-shaped applicator that lets you easily reach all of your lashes -- even those pesky ones in the corners -- for a multiplied lash look with no clumps.
No need to let mascara dry between coats
Mascara removes easily with soap and water or makeup remover

My Findings:
Lots of Lashes does provide really nice separation while also giving lots of volume to my lashes, which I find unusual in a mascara. The brush shape really helps to get every lash coated with mascara. The mascara is nicely buildable, and while I do see some clumping, it's not the kind that looks like all of my lashes have stuck together to create what I shall call a uni-lash. The result is long and voluminous looking lashes, and as I have this in the color Very Black, it makes my lashes look very black, true to its name. It removes fairly easily, but I have found that it flakes off during removal, and I end up with little mascara flakes all over my face. I tried removing it with a simple cleanser with water, and that caused the most flaky removal. The best way for me to remove this mascara and minimize my risk of panda eyes or mascara flakes galore is to use a makeup removing wipe and then wash my face. The problem with this method, however, is that I find with a makeup removing wipe I still have to work a bit to remove all of the mascara and all of the flakes of mascara that gather on my lower lash line which causes me to experience irritation in my undereye area. I plan to try using plain olive oil to remove in the future because that is a fail-safe method for removing any eye makeup without irritation. Overall, though, I love this mascara, and I would certainly purchase it of my own accord. I must be honest, however. I would not have tried this mascara if it had not been sent to me free of charge to try. * I recommend it to those who use good eye makeup removers who want good length, separation, and volume in one mascara coupled with a very black color.

*I received this product as a BzzAgent.

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