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10 November 2011

Maybelline Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balm SPF 20 Photos + Review

I received five tubes of the new Maybelline Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balm, but while I was waiting to receive the products, I bought one in "Peach Kiss" as well. I received Pink Punch, Peppermint, Cherry Me, Quenched, and Peach Kiss. I gave Cherry Me and Peach Kiss to friends, and they both love them!I have provided a photo of "Peppermint" on my lips above.

First things first! What's in it?
Shea Butter - repairs and leaves lips feeling soft
Vitamin Complex - Aids in the prevention of oxidation of lip molecules and the restoration of damaged cells
Centella - this small, herbaceous Asian plant delivers plumpness and hydration while replenishing elasticity and stimulating natural production for a line-free look

What Maybelline Claims:
- renews lips to their natural condition in four weeks
- combines eight hours of hydration with an optional color tint
- available in two clear varieties and four tinted varieties
- clinically proven to provide comfort and relief to stressed, dry skin
- protects against UVA/UVB damage
- available at mass retailers for 3.99 USD

My experience:
I used Peach Kiss first because I bought it before I even got my BzzKit*, and I like the color and moisturization, but I dislike the scent/taste. The balm itself looks really good on my skin, and it seems to just add a little bit of shimmer to my lips more than color, and I found my lips felt really smooth and moisturized throughout the day. It smells peachy, but once it is on the lips it smells different and has an odd taste. Soft peach/nude type color with subtle shimmer

Peppermint: Perfect peppermint scent. It doesn't burn like other minty balms I've tried, and to be honest I normally hate peppermint anything, but this one is subtle and nice. It is one of the clear ones, so it only adds a glossy shine to the lips. I find this one to be the most moisturizing out of all the ones I have tried, and I would definitely call it a favorite. It applies more smoothly than the others, and it feels lighter while still moisturizing exceptionally well.

Quenched: This one feels heavy and has a weird taste. It's not supposed to have any tint or scent to it, and tint it lacks, but on the lips it has an odd taste. It moisturizes well, but I suppose I just don't like the lack of scent/flavor to the balm. It feels like it's missing something.

Pink Punch: SUPER pigmented. It's supposed to be a tinted balm, but I find it applies more like a gloss in color. It's a very bright, cool-toned pink, and while it does go onto the lips very sheer, I can see it being a disastrous color for some people. I like bright lip colors, and I don't find this one a problem on myself, so I like it. It simply should be known, however, that this one seems a little more than tinted. The scent is nice. It's very true to its name: fruity and punch-like. This one moisturizes very well.

I found little difference in moisturization levels for each balm that I tried, but I definitely favor the Peppermint both for scent and moisturization. I do not understand what Maybelline means by claiming the balm "renews lips to their natural condition", and that's the only comment I have on that aspect of these balms. My lips haven't been sun burned since I've been using them, but I have never had an issue with my lips being sun burned or anything, and that's not something I'm going to test, so I'll trust that the SPF is there. As for eight hours of hydration, no. I would say Peppermint keeps my lips moisturized for the longest period of time, and that's about four and a half to five hours but certainly no more than that. Also, it must be noted that when I say it keeps my lips moisturized, I don't mean they feel glossy and like I just applied a balm. They feel hydrated, like I don't need to apply a balm. That's something I have difficulty finding in all lip balms regardless of price, but considering that these are really inexpensive, that's a huge, huge plus. My lips look and feel better with this balm, so I would recommend these to others.

*I did receive these products as part of a BzzCampaign from BzzAgent.

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