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12 December 2012

Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Micellar Facial Cleanser

I purchased this product while in Mexico, and I have no idea where it can be purchased anywhere else. I believe I paid about 12 USD for this product. Eucerin DermatoCLEAN is a micellar solution used to remove makeup/cleanse the skin very similar to Bioderma. Truth be told it should be the exact same product, just from a different company. I don't read Spanish well enough to describe all of the claims and such written on the packaging, but I did have someone translate it for me at the same, and he told me it says it removes makeup, even eye makeup, has no fragrance, and shouldn't clog pores. That's all I remember from his translation.

 A micellar solution contains cylindrical molecules that have a hydrophilic end and a hydrophobic end. These molecules bundle together into spheres (usually) with the hydrophobic ends inside the sphere. When the liquid is pressed to the skin, the spheres separate which leaves the hydrophobic ends of the molecules to grab anything off the skin that isn't water and then pop back into their sphere. The idea is that they pull makeup and gunk off your face, trap it, and leave any harmless water behind. That's why these products should not dry out the skin.

 As to the product's effectiveness I can say it works very well for face makeup and eyeshadows, but it does not remove mascara as well as I'd prefer. It will remove most mascara from the eyelashes, but I find I still have mascara residue at the base of my lashes. I do need to go over my face twice to remove all of my face makeup, but I do use a full coverage foundation. I think it's best to use a different eye makeup remover if you'd like to avoid scrubbing at your eyelashes.

 The product does not irritate my skin in any way.

 I bought this product because I am extremely lazy about washing my face at night, so I wanted to try something that would get all of my makeup off without having to use any water. I have not noticed any sort of breakouts from leftover makeup on my skin since I've been using this. I also use this product to cleanse my face at night even when I haven't worn any makeup. I find that my skin feels clean after using it. I would recommend this product (if you can find it) or any micellar solution for makeup removal or general cleansing. If I were able to purchase the Eucerin product in the United States I would, but I'm not sure I'll be able to find it, so I will probably purchase a different brand when I finish the Eucerin.

 4/5 because it does not remove mascara or waterproof eyeliner well.

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