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27 February 2013

Schick Hydro Silk Razor Review

 A close up of the blades. 

 The ad and razor. 

According to Schick, the Hydro Silk:
 - contains water-activated moisturizing serum to moisturize skin for up to two hours after shaving
 - 5 curve-sensing blades with skin guards to reduce irritation
 - soft-touch handle 
 - compact oval cartridges that fit the contours of a woman's body

It has won best razor in the 2012 Cosmo Beauty Awards. 
It was named Best Hair Remove in the 2012 Beauty Awards for Fitness Magazine, Prevention Magazine, and  Ladies' Home Journal.

My thoughts:
The handle makes it very easy to hold in the shower. I have not had any problems with it slipping it out of my hands as I have with other razor handles. The handle has rubber grips on the sides to help it stay in your hand, and they're very effective. I have not once dropped this razor in the shower. The handle can be a bit bulky at first, but once you get used to it, it's very comfortable to hold. 

As for the "compact" cartridges, I completely disagree. The shape and design of the cartridge makes shaving extremely comfortable, but these are not compact cartridges at all. If you need to shave the bikini area -- use something else. This razor will not work well in that area. For legs and underarms, it's perfect, and it provides a very smooth, comfortable shave. 

The blades give a nice, smooth, and comfortable shave, and I have never accidentally cut myself at all. I experience no irritation using this razor, despite having very sensitive skin. 

As for the moisturizing serum, I believe the claims. I have always had issues with dryness after shaving my underarms, but with the Schick Hydro Silk I experience no dry, flaky skin, and I get a very comfortable, smooth shave. 

As for the price, it's about standard for women's razors. The starter kit is around 10 USD (though I discovered it's cheaper at Target), and the replacement cartridges average about 15 USD for a four pack. That seems pricy, but it's really quite average. 

I love this razor, and I will definitely purchase replacement cartridges. I will keep using this razor, and I have recommended it to several friends. I highly recommend this product. 5/5*

*I received this product for free to try as part of a BzzAgent campaign

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