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10 November 2007

Les Livres

I finished The Kite Runner fairly quickly, and I haven't many good things to say. I don't hate it, but I don't especially like it. It seems somewhat exploitative, and it seems very written to be bought rather than written to be written, which is causing me some problems. It is very predictable in that one knows that the worst possible thing is about to happen around every corner, and it is just a mess. It covers way too much ground, so the story is completely lost in a jumble of depression. How can anyone like this book? I think it's only a New York Times best seller (number one, if I recall) because the setting is mostly Afghanistan, and there is very little happiness in it. People love a good sob story, especially if they are convinced none of that sadness is going to touch them. All the bad things in Afghanistan serve as this book's crutch, and I find that to be disgusting, not to mention the use of children to make the story even more depressing. This is supposed to be a father-son story, and I do not see very much father-son going on, just child abuse and bullshit.

I also read Youth in Revolt by C.D. Payne this week. I found it to be quite humorous, though not as humorous as I was led to believe. I have recommended it to several friends on that note. I will say, though, that it is very, very predictable, but that almost makes it more funny. When the horrible thing you knew was about to happen happens, it's comic gold. I'm not sure how the author managed to make predictability work in his favor, but it's an interesting touch to an already interesting story. I really hate the Sheeni character though. I hope young boys don't really allow girls to manipulate them that way. Oh well, the book is lovely, but I'm not sure it is as good as I was told. I like it anyway.

In other news, I am VERY excited for Sweeney Todd! I love the cast, and I love the director. Story, too! I can barely contain myself.
Also, Regina is coming this month! I love her so.

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