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25 October 2008

Medea, Lysistrata, oy.

I got a B on my Medea test on account of my apparent inability to follow basic instructions (or my teacher's inability to see my separated paragraphs. Choose one.) I was most upset, but it's perfectly OK because I will make sure to get As everywhere else. I really deserve an A on that test though, if only for the fact that I showed complete understanding of the material. 

I love music. 

I love make up. I had to go shopping with my dad today to help him look nice for dinner with Bill Clinton (yes, that Bill Clinton), and I just put on a whole bunch of pretty make up. I'm sure I look beeeeyuteeeful. 

I've also got my crown for when I am queen of the world. Luckily. It's black, of course. I will certainly rule in GOTH ATTIRE. For the win. (lolzors to the max ---I'm not hating) 

I love music. 

I love Target. I'm not sure if I've discussed my great love for Target here, but I have to say that Target is quite possibly the most amazing store in the world. Except for all the ones I have not yet seen. And the fact that almost all of their products are made in Southeast Asia by children who should be at home napping or farming, not sewing my cute jacket. Oh the world. Oy der Welt! I think ---my German seems to be dying as well. Anyway, I digress. I did buy a cute jacket at Target the other day, two cute tops, and I believe I got some socks or something. I do not remember so well. I wish I had bought those purple shoes. They were so cute, and I don't own anything purple. How is that even possible for someone who is such a color-phile like myself? 

Speaking of which, I want rainbows everywhere. I am craving bright, happy colors lately.

Death happens, apparently. Who would have thought of such a thing? 

I am incredibly proud of my sibling who is doing so well in what he has decided to do. Loyalty and pride, yo. It's a shame he has no sense of these things. 

I love music. 

I have started The Fountainhead by the beloved Ayn Rand, and of course, it is brilliant. She had a way with words. 

I must go vote. Soon. I am quite ill though. I got that cold. I feel I am on my death bed. Oy vey. 

I have finally learned how to sing Hava Nagila all the way through in Hebrew. Yay for me! 

I really wanted my kitty to dress as a pirate for Halloween. Mother refused to dress him though. Hmph. He'd look so cute with a little hat and a patch. Arghmrow! 

I'm on call, apparently. 

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