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29 October 2008

Things I Learned While Waiting in the Ridiculously Long Line to Vote

- People are weird. 

- Four hours in a line together in rather harsh weather (super cold) is a real bonding experience. 

- People can be fucking nice!

- My mother cannot read signs that say "turn off all cell phones." 

- People will talk about the strangest things when standing in a line together for four hours.

- It's best to ski in the U.S. because in France and such there are rocks? I wouldn't know. I don't ski. Colorado and Utah? she said. 

- My body is like that of a 40 year old. Yippy!

- Voting is fun?

- Poll workers have the worst job ever.

- I like stickers.

- People talk a lot.

- Other stuff.

In other news, nothing new. YIPPY. 

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