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05 November 2008

Hava Nagila!

Ok---so Obama won. That makes me happy! It is time to sing some Jew songs to celebrate (since, you know, his first name derives from Hebrew anyway!). Traditionally, it's not the appropriate time to sing Hava Nagila, but I did anyway. 

Things I Must Do Today
- call doctor, get note 

Why must I get note? Because my math teacher does not hate me after all, and I am NOT screwed anymore! YIPPY! I swear --sometimes I can be so dramatic. 

I am trying to teach a friend German while he's trying to teach me Spanish. Let me just say that my Spanish is waaaaaaay better than his German! I pwn, like Obama. 

In terms of books, let me see---I finished the Aeneid. I only read selected books from it, so I am not counting this as really having read it, but I'm OK with it. I don't like epics. I quit on the epics. I am tired of epics. I liked it better though because when compared to Odysseus, Aeneas doesn't screw up even half as often, nor does he go cheating on wives and stuff. He seems like a more honorable fella is all. I already had to write an essay about this. I am not doing it here. 

What else have I read? The Apology of Socrates. OK. Socrates is cool; I guess. Or, Plato, rather. 

I started to read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, and I LOVE IT! I read Anthem a while ago, and I did not love it so much, so I hope this is the one I love. 

I have work to do today! I just want to sleep. I am catching an illness, and all my efforts to ward it off have thus far failed! Boooooooooooo. I hope I don't die at the end of the semester like I did that one. Ugh. That would not be cool. 

I guess that's all. Nothing interesting today!

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