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11 October 2008

A Valediction

Saying goodbye is hard for me to do when I don't want to. Isn't that a shocker? I bet it is. No one else could possibly understand that feeling. 

It's so strange to me when people don't understand my sarcasm/humor. I have known a person since I was nine, and she still doesn't get it sometimes. I'm just like wtf?! Oy. I guess it's because there are people in the world who actually would say some of those stupid things. That's awfully scary. I am, however, rather offended if any of my friends believes me to be that kind of stupid person. 

I'm currently going through drafts of a valediction, which is why I mentioned it. I have no idea what to say. I have no idea how to say it. I have no idea! 

Yesterday I saved a turtle. Then I played with it and its baby. If I knew how to post pictures, I'd post a picture. I also got to drive a golf cart around like a maniac all day. It was great fun. 

Today I was reading a blog I posted on MySpace about my former piercer who died. (heartbreak) I realize that the things I go through after a death are so incredibly selfish. Where was I thinking about what he went through? I know I felt terrible about the pain I know he was feeling when it happened, both emotional and physical. That is not what I was sharing in this MySpace blog post, however. It was "what am I supposed to do now?" What am I supposed to do? What is any of us supposed to do? I live. I think about him every day. I talk about him. I have someone else pierce me, someone I know he trusted. I miss him.

Tu me manques, Herzchen. (my valediction)

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