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30 December 2008

Holy crap.

Last post of 2008. Must make it a good one. 

I've been sick, having money troubles, shopping anyway, stressing, and falling in love with lots of new music. I'm being relatively normal. Yay. 

But I am intensely unsatisfied on the inside. I can feel it. It sits there, and it waits. It waits for a hole to open, a stitch to rip. It waits to bring me down again. 

I've been on a desperate search for the perfect eyelid primer, and for the life of me, I can't find one I like. 

Apple really should have come up with something better than putting an "i" in front of everything. iCal. iPod. iTunes. iPhoto. iChat. I'm surprised it's not iMail, iBrowse, iPhotograph, iWrite, etc. 

I cannot have one of my medicines until Thursday. I'm not sure what happens when I don't take it. I've never not taken it. Yay for experiments. 

I got flannel sheets. I love them. 

I got a goldfish Webkinz. I named it after my love. I wish that I were not stuck to those things, but my sister keeps giving them to me, and the fish was so cute. I really wish not to spend so much time at my computer though. Or at least not on the internet. 

I have renewed my love for Freaks and Geeks. It's a marathon every night in my bedroom. I am so in love with Jason Segel. 

I have been angry at people lately, calling them morons and such. Very strange. It is not my nature, really. 

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