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01 January 2009

The Last Post

My last post of 2008 was not a very good one. 

And may I just say how angry I am at Apple that I spent $1300+ on my computer only to have one of my keys sticking? Seriously, Apple. I expect better from you and for that amount of money. Assholes. 

Anyway ---back to the last post of 2008. 

I like to think that 2008 was a very good year for me, if only for the fact that I'm not really crazy anymore. That's nice. 

The last movie I watched in 2008 was Forgetting Sarah Marshall, mostly because I wanted to see Jason Segel naked. Or Mila Kunis is really hot. Or I heard that the movie is funny. Whatever. The love of my life hates Blockbuster enough that he purchased the $25.00 unrated, collector's edition of the movie in order to let me watch it. I now have over 90 minutes of bonus features! and a digital copy of the movie, just in case I want to put it on my iPod. 

The last book I was reading in 2008 was Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, though I wish I had finished it. I did not finish it. I cannot remember which book was the last I finished. I am sure it is on that book list somewhere. 

I do not know if I have ever been this apathetic toward a new year in my entire life. I do not foresee any good coming from it, and I just don't want to deal with any of it. I am incredibly uninterested. This may be related to the fact that I have not registered for any classes this semester even though it starts in 11 days. Or the fact that I have no health insurance and have to pay the full, ridiculous price for my most important drugs, like Advair, the one that keeps me alive. Oh woe. 


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