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28 February 2009

I wanna take the most popular druuuug!

Apparently everyone in my city takes Xanax XR. My usual pharmacy is out every time I go to pick it up. I had to go to Walgreens today, and they could only give me a five day supply. wtf? I need a 30 day supply, and I get five days?! For some reason, it really screws up my routine when I don't get all 90 pills at once. I don't know why.

So I looked at the Hello Kitty Couture collection coming out next week from MAC. If anyone I know buys a single item from this, I will forget that whole pacifism thing and smack him or her upside the head. $90 for a fucking compact? No. Fuck no. Yes, it has pretty Swarovski crystals on it. You like Swarovski? Buy a necklace! Shit. Not to mention Tarina Tarantino makes tons of cute Hello Kitty stuff with Swarovski crystal. So there. 

My sleep schedule is all farkakteh! It sucks. 

I actually had something important/semi-interesting to say today, so this would be like a real, actual blog instead of me babbling about makeup and the really awesome Keroppi shirt I got today, but unfortunately, I forgot. I always forget. I hate this forgetting.

I am reading "Hero and Leander" by Christopher Marlowe. I am too unfocused and scatterbrained to read all 18 pages in one sitting (but I could focus on 3,000 pages of Twilight---wtf?), but so far I think it's brilliant. I have highlighted a whole bunch of things, and I love it. 

It should be sleepy time. I wish I could sleep. 

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