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13 March 2009

makeup stuff and why I haven't said anything about books in a really long time

I bought this new foundation that feels really thick on my skin, but it gives amazing coverage, and it makes me look gorgeous without covering my freckles. It is Maybelline Instant Age Rewind cream foundation. It applies best with fingers, even though I really don't like to put it on with my fingers, and it works perfectly on my skin with my Stila convertible color in gerbera, which is my love love love of all blushes. This foundations does good things for my skin, but if I accidentally put too much (usually if I use a brush) it will actually make me look like I have wrinkles, like where my forehead creases and such. It is not cute, and it makes me furious. If I can apply it lightly (with my fingers or a damp sponge), it's perfect, and I love it. 

I also bought Boots No7 Colour Calming makeup base. It's green. I bought it because my face has been this undesirable red color lately, and it's horrendous, but this stuff is like green water. I didn't notice any difference except that I had to put more foundation over it to cover the green, which made me feel like I was wearing a clay mask all day. I might have used too much, so I'm not going to rule it out just yet. I'll try it tomorrow! 

I also finally bought the travel/mineral brush set from Eco-Tools, and I love them. I really like every single brush, except the kabuki brush. The bristles are too long to behave as a kabuki brush should, so it's more like a compact powder brush. Since I don't use or like kabuki brushes (I prefer flat top brushes), it works perfectly for me. I really like the little bamboo pouch. It fits the perfect amount of essentials for a night out (for touch ups). For school days, 12 hours, I need a larger bag. 

That might be all I've gotten in the way of new makeup lately. I don't know if I mentioned my Coastal Scents stuff or not, but I love the 26 eyeshadow/blush palette. I hate the peach bellini gel eyeliner. It's bright ass pink. It does not work as a base. It is NOT peach. I use it as on my bottom lash line occasionally to brighten up an otherwise neutral look. I just noticed there is a superficial break in the glass of my jar though, and it's too late for me to contact Coastal Scents about it, but I am furious. I did not pay seven dollars for a broken jar. I really love the turquoise gel liner. It is beautiful and sparkly and works perfectly as a base or as a shadow color on its own. It's gorgeous. 

I am planning to head to my CCO soon to see if I can find a couple of MAC pigments at a discounted price. I love saving money! And I only need one or two. And a brush, maybe. There are a couple of other things as well, but it's mostly for the pigments. I can't decide if I want to buy more of the lip conditioner in the tube, in the twist-up thing, or the jar. Maybe I'll just buy all three since I like it so much. 

I bought a tub of Jason Natural aloe vera cream moisturizer, and it's so amazing. I use it on my whole body (and my face at night --I alternate it with my firming cream), and it moisturizes so well, and a little bit goes a very long way. For a seven dollar tub of cream, it's working wonders for my skin, and it's going to last me quite a while. And the smell. The smell is pure deliciousness (if you're a nature nut like me). 

I'm considering a new skin care regimen from The Body Shop. I don't want any sulfates in my cleansers, and that's the only place I can find a cleanser I like that does what I want that does not contain sulfates. So. It's obviously a bit more expensive than what I use now, but in the long run, I think it's worth it. And I love The Body Shop's policies. I love their scents, their lotions, everything. I might buy some bath stuff as well, since that's also difficult to find without sulfates. 

Speaking of sulfates, I'm switching my shampoo. I have been using my Dr. Bronner's pure castile soap in lavendar, but I'm starting to be disturbed by the texture, so I am going to try Kiss My Face Whenever shampoo, or maybe the volumizing one. The point is I do not want sulfates in my shampoo. My conditioner is fine. I've only been washing my hair twice a week at most, since I'm considering growing it out. I'm trying to make sure it's as healthy as possible in the event that I don't have it all chopped off again soon, since I can't make up my mind. I am also trying to use as little heat as possible, which is working well since my hair is now at a length where it can stand on its own without much heat styling. And it air dries pretty quickly, which is a good sign. 

Why I Haven't Been Discussing Any Books:
I haven't been reading anything. I read "Hero and Leander" by Christopher Marlowe for school, and it's absolutely beautiful and should be read by all, but other than that I have either been on the internet doing research or trying to sleep or just fucking around. My mind cannot concentrate on a book right now. 

My friend sent me a promotional copy of his book, and I am expected to read it and get back to him with a review. I received the book a few weeks ago. I have not read a single page. I just cannot focus. I do not know how I managed to focus on all four Twilight books at all. I suppose since the writing is rather juvenile, it was easier, and it requires much less attention. 

I have also been working on all these movies S sent me. He sent me a ton of movies, and I feel so pressured into watching all of them and letting him know how I feel about them. Blarg. I shall get it all done. I am super Jew! 

I haven't had any desire to buy shoes in a while. Good thing? Bad thing? I don't know. 

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