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26 February 2009

My History Class

Today in my U.S. History class we watched a film called: The American Perspective, The Great War, 1918. At the end of the documentary, our prof asked us what did we not see? What did we not see? We did not see black people, but what everyone in the class said was "we didn't see the European perspective. We saw the American perspective." Really? Is that what we saw? You think that's what our prof might choose to show us in A UNITED STATES HISTORY CLASS?! Idiots. 

Then, at the end of the film, the teacher asked if we had any questions. Apparently very few people in the class are capable of thinking independently about the Very Thorough and Precise study guide our kind prof has given us to study for our next test, and they all had to ask for the answers to the Three Questions about the film. Another student who always complains about the teacher said "I don't want to feel like an idiot asking questions. I feel like you're my professor, and you shouldn't make me feel like an idiot." So the teacher thinks you're an idiot because she wants you to think for yourself? She doesn't want to just feed you an answer, and she thinks you're an idiot? Every day in class this student has an issue with our prof, and it is probably the most annoying thing I could have imagined up to this point. Does she not know that the prof is not going to change the way she runs her classroom just because a few students are Stupid and Lazy? Does she not know that she can drop the class and find another prof that she does not hate? Are these people really that fucking stupid? 

Apparently so. 

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