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22 March 2009


Very quickly I must confess that yesterday morning as soon as I woke up I ran to Target to buy Twilight on DVD. I just had to see it Right Then. And it is Horrible. It is worse than the books. And twinkling when Edward goes in the sunlight? Dude. Chees-y. The only good thing about this movie is the score. That man, Carter Burwell, is a genius! The director is an idiot, Catherine Hardwicke. I really like Kristin Stewart even though sometimes she's really awkward and not really doing a good job, but I just like her. I want to pet her or something. They totally didn't follow the book, and I have no idea how anyone who worked on this project is proud of themselves. Except Carter Burwell. And Kristin Stewart for being cute, all the time. Robert Pattinson = suckage. And why did they make him So Incredibly Unattractive? Is Edward not supposed to be super smoking hot? Did I read that wrong? No, I didn't. The casting director is an idiot, and the makeup artist is, too. And so is anyone else who thinks he's hot. He's NOT. In fact, I think this book really just should have been left alone, as a book series. It's not Harry Potter. It was bad in the first place, so why go make it worse and turn it into an even worse movie? And who the hell chose what's her name to play Rosalie? She's a little chunky and not even pretty enough to be Rosalie. wtf? You take a bad book, and you turn it into an even worse movie, and you can't even cast people correctly?! The only one who was casted perfectly was Bella. Kristin Stewart is awkward and Bella-ish. Everyone else was a bit off. The whole thing was bad. I mean---I'll still watch it. It's mildly entertaining, and I did spend $20 on it. I don't hate it. I am just confused at how anyone is not taking this as a spoof. And they should have known better than to take that book and make it into a movie. There were too many things in the book that were difficult to show and bring alive, physically. Especially since they didn't have the Harry Potter team with them. I shouldn't compare it to Harry Potter. HP PWNS. TWILIGHT LOSES. 

My mood is a bit better. Love dove has promised some CCO shopping this week, and I am super excited. We were supposed to go today, but his dad was like "no no no I want to go salksldkfasjdflkdf" thus ruining MY plans of spending tons of money. It was his birthday yesterday though, so I guess it's OK. Love dove said Tuesday. I shall cross my fingers, and I shall hope that my phone is here by then. It should be here very soon. And I will try not to spend too much money. I really only want a few things, eyeshadows, powder or two, maybe lipstick. NOT a lot. I swear. I swear. 

I ordered some nail polishes. I have no idea when they will arrive. It has not showed up on my bank statement yet. I ordered some stuff from American Apparel because I felt like I needed it after my horrible day (Monday when my phone was stolen), and there were a few things I really, really super wanted. I also ordered my new flat iron with the free blow dryer and some new heat protectant to test it out. I forgot to order a new epilator. Hmph. Birthday presents! I ordered some Stila stuff. I love Stila. Love. I ordered a lot of stuff, so I have lots of stuff coming my way very soon! Yay! My phone should arrive first, then the American Apparel. I have no idea when the flat iron is coming. The order hasn't been fully processed yet. The Stila stuff is being shipped as we speak. So I'm good on that stuff. No More Shopping. I also bought a scarf and a handbag from Target. I think that's all I got there, though. Oh, I got some lipstick. It's Rimmel something or other in Airy Fairy. It's a very pretty pink color. Goodness, I shop a lot! I should buy some new underclothes. MY DOG KEEPS EATING THEM. He's a bad dog. 
I must remember to send the fork to T before I turn into that asshole who is like "just a few more weeks, and I'll get it done" and then never gets it done. I suck. 

So--I dropped my math class. I never went, and I didn't want to get an F, so I just dropped it. I'm not full-time anymore, and that's fine with me. I really didn't like taking that class anyway. I seem to be doing OK in every other regard. Well, not really. I'm fucking up hardcore. My moods. I have to get this shit under control. It is really bad. I am unable to motivate myself to do much of anything. I have been sleeping on and off for days. So at least I am getting sleep sometimes. Some days I dont' sleep at all. Some days that is all I do. I need to call my psychiatrist, but I don't feel like dealing with the bureaucracy of doing that. 

I have more money in my bank account than I thought I did. So I've either done my math wrong and spent money I've forgotten about, or I'm awesomely NOT spending too much money. Yay me! I really really want my flat iron to get here. I want to try the new blow dryer more than anything, but I really need a new flat iron. My other one is all tired and whatnot. I've dropped it too many times. I was going to get a more expensive flat iron, but I figure since my hair is only slightly wavy, I don't need any super heavy duty awesome flat iron. I just need one that works. So I'm buying one that works. And it's pink! Just like my other one. The happy thing is that the new blow dryer will match it, and it's from the same company. I like that. 

I've been printing out all my wish lists for my birthday just to give them to Love Dove, but it's mostly to keep myself from adding more to them. I don't want to waste paper, so I don't want to add more things to it and have to print out another copy. So I'm printing them all out to help him in his search for the perfect gift, and I'm keeping myself from overwhelming him (all of them have many overlapping items which should give him a pretty good indication of exactly which things to purchase). I love his gifts more than anything. He always gives me the perfect thing, even if I don't tell him what to get. Of course, there is no topping last year's gift. He rules. I must buy him some amazing thing(s) for his birthday. I have a few ideas, but I'm not sure. I want to make sure that I'm buying something he'll want, and not something I want for him. Comprendez? 

I am sleepy. And babbling. 

The new puppy is a nuisance. He wakes up before me every morning and doesn't wake me up to let me know he needs to go outside to relieve himself. He just does it on my carpet. BAD DOG. All he has to do is bite my face or something, and I'll take him out, but noooooooooooooo he just hops off the bed and shits in the floor. Luckily he's a small dog. End of shit talk. 

Good day! 

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