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17 March 2009

I lost my phone.

And I hate life. Hate it. 

It was so hard to drive home today without my phone. I desperately wanted to drive my car into the other cars or the trees or the buildings or anywhere but to my house. 

It isn't just about the phone though. I woke up after two hours of sleep, tops, feeling horrible, went to class and wasted an hour of my life. Wasted another hour of my life waiting in line in the financial aid office just to have some lazy person sign a fucking form for me--ugh. Then I came home, almost died on the way, tried to nap, couldn't, had to turn around and go back to school. Got back to school to find that my English teacher wasn't planning on showing up. I wasted another hour and a half of my life sitting around, trying to find something to do. I went to sit outside my history class. I set my phone on my jacket and thought to myself that I'd better make sure I didn't forget to pick it up before I picked up my jacket because then it would fall on the floor, and I'd lose it. And that's exactly what happened. At the end of another wasted and infuriating* history lesson, I checked my pockets and bag for my phone: no phone. Where the fuck was my phone? I looked around the room. Nowhere. I ran into the hallway. No phone. I grabbed my things and ran to the security office to see if anyone had turned it in: no phone. NO fucking phone. Some asshole picked up my phone and just kept it. Or something. What a fucking douchebag. What is wrong with people that they would fucking do that? You find something that is not yours; you take it to lost and found or security or whoever the fuck you think can best handle it. You don't fucking keep it, especially if it's A FUCKING PHONE. MY FUCKING PHONE. So I drove home in a panicked fury, horrifically upset about my phone, desperately wanting to fucking die and wishing I'd gone home when I wanted to because then I wouldn't have lost my phone. Life. I hate it. 

*In history, our teacher asked if any of us was familiar with the lynching of Leo Frank, an important even in Georgia's history. I sheepishly raised my hand as I'm rather intimidated by speaking in that class because I always fuck it up, and then when my teacher began to gesture toward me to speak, the know-it-all douchebag behind me said "oh no, I don't know of it" in a tone that seemed to say "well, obviously if I don't know about it, no one else in here besides you, the teacher, would know" despite the fact that I was sitting in front of him, and my hand was raised, albeit rather sheepishly, as I said. Then I said, "I do." And she asked me to share my knowledge, which I did. I concluded, rather defensively, that none of the morons in my class would have bothered to remember this information from their mandatory state history classes because either they aren't originally from this state, or they really don't fucking care about Jews. I realize that I always go back to the fact that people don't care about Jews, but seriously---goyim don't fucking care about Jews, and I, as a Jew, care about their stupid goyim asses. Double standardized motherfuckers. 

And I've only had the phone for like six months. :o( Panic. Panic. Panic.

Today when I got home I also found out that I will not be able to get my ARC CPR/AED/First Aid cards until NEXT week because my teacher sent the e-mail right when she was leaving school. Hmph. I want them now! So I can show people that I'm certified to save lives and shit. 

On a positive note or two: Today I got my two boxes of delicious Samoas. I had four. I felt sick, but they were delicious. 
I went to see my love dove at work because I was so sad, and he makes me happy, and he gave me key lime pie and french fries and Mr. Pibb, and he gave me a new beer glass---a Hawaiian beer glass, yet another sign that I should be moving to Hawaii in the fall. 
Also, I'm supposed to be getting a relatively large-ish amount of money from the government soon (like yesterday, actually, the bastards), and that will supply me with the funds to get a shiny, new phone that will be even better than the old one, though I did love it so. :o( 
A curse upon the head of that thief. 

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