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16 March 2009


I am feeling a lot better right now than I have in past weeks, and that seems like it should be fantastic. We will see how long it lasts. It seems that when I take my medicine, everything feels worse. And no one listens. No one helps. It feels as if no one cares. I would not know. I cannot read their minds. 

I do not have much to add in terms of makeup. I have a great desire to buy a LOT of things, but I am trying to tell myself that I just don't need these things. I just don't need these things. But I need them! It's causing a lot of inner-conflict, as if I don't have enough of that already. I've been eyeing those MAC grand duos for a while, and I really want just one. Just one of them. I just want ONE. And while I'm buying that one, I figure some lip gloss can't hurt. Or an MSF. Or any other thing I might buy. This is hard. It is really hard. 

I am planning on getting a tattoo, and I'm trying to tell myself that since it's permanent it's better than makeup, and I shouldn't buy any of the MAC things I want until AFTER I have my beautiful tattoo. I have planned the size, shape, color, placement, etc. perfectly. Now I just have to get it. And I am determined. I really want this tattoo. 

Early yesterday morning, I caved and read the portion of Midnight Sun that is on Stephanie Meyer's website. I had to. And I must say that it is infinitely better than the  Twilight books. She seems better at writing from an older vampire's point of view than that of a seventeen year old girl. Obviously it still carries all the teenage drama and theatrics, but Edward makes it all the more beautiful and kind, and it is nice to know that he feels like a total creep sneaking into her bedroom at night. I am sad that she has no finished this book now. Maybe what Stephanie Meyer's whole problem is that she just can't write well from a juvenile perspective. As Edward has lived quite a bit longer than Bella, he sees the world as a much older adult would, and that is how Midnight Sun is written. I believe what she has posted on her website is really wonderful, and I hope that she completes it and continues to write from Edward's perspective. It adds a lot to the entire saga. As anyone who reads my blog regularly knows, I think the Twilight books are mostly garbage, but what she did writing from Edward's perspective somehow changes it, makes it better. I simply read it out of curiosity, and it was only 200 pages or so, and I am shocked to say that I think it's really good. It's actually pretty well written, especially as compared to her other books. I am unsure as to why Meyer did not write it that way from the beginning. Not only does it give a certain uniqueness to the whole premise, but the story makes a lot more sense through his eyes, and he seems quite a bit less controlling and creepy. It is a shame that the author is too stupid to realize this and is instead being petulant that "oh no it leaked!! wah wah wah" and has postponed its release indefinitely. That is a mistake, a huge mistake on her part. I knew she wasn't very intelligent. 

I have little else to say. I will not bother. 

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