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26 April 2009

Convoluted what?

I just sent the weirdest e-mail to Frank from Post Secret. I rule.

The baby shower was horrendous, of course. My cousin, the one for whom the shower was thrown, tried to save me and my social awkwardness, but it was a fail. She's super tiny to be about to pop. I'm sure most pregnant women would be jealous of that fact. I ate cookies. The cake disturbed me, and it was too sweet. If I counted correctly, there were four pregnant people at this shower and at least three younger people who just had babies. And of course the older relatives. Seriously---everyone is having babies. Why? WHY?! I got a gift because my aunt did not want hers. I almost won the "don't say baby" game, but someone else had one more bow than I did, which is mostly because I didn't say anything when people said the B word. I almost won the put the pacifier on the baby, but I was a little off center. Oh, the gift I got was a really pretty photo album. Now I must take pictures and stick them in it! My small sister won the pacifier game, and she got hand soap and lotion, as if she'll use it. 

I am having some weird problems with my throat again. I hate it. I'm pretty sure my larynx is going to just fall out one day. Or disintegrate. Or something. It feels unhappy. 

My grandmother asked me a million questions in the car, and one of them was "so---it's none of my business, but do you think you and [love dove] will get married?" and I was like "?!?!?!?!?!?!" I am pretty sure I once told her that I wouldn't get married until gay people could. I could be lying though. I'm not sure. 

My two great grandmothers gossiped the entire time we were in the car--about two hours total. It was horrible. I realized I have very little patience for gossip. Unless it's my gossip, obviously.

I haven't bought new shoes in a very long time nor have I really wanted to buy any shoes. I have been buying lots of makeup and nail polish though. I guess that's why. I want to buy more nail polish, too. I want China Glaze's Ruby Pumps. It's so pretty. And For Audrey. I was going to get those two the other day when I bought the others, but the For Audrey that was there--only two left--was not cute looking, and by that I mean they had done that gross settling thing where you can tell if they'll work or not. I probably should have gotten it. It's a rather unique color. And I like unique colors. 

My makeup today was very pretty. I wore a pink shirt, so I did yellow and pink on my lids. Very pastel. very spring. very happy. And some brown. I love brown eyeshadow! I have about six or seven matte brown eyeshadows. They are all in different palettes. 

Again, today I used the Everyday Minerals foundations. I mixed all three of them together to give myself more coverage, and I found that by the end of the day my face felt suffocated. I won't be doing that again. They do give really great coverage though, even on their own. I love Everyday Minerals. I really, really like the blush I bought--Snuggle. It's the prettiest color, and it is perfect for my skin tone, even the new, slightly tanned one. I'm not going to be using my tanning lotion for a few days though as I don't want it to be too dark. I'll go back to my carrot stuff. 

Which reminds me, the other day after I applied my Yes to Carrots lotion on my hands, I licked my finger for some reason, and the lotion got on my tongue, obviously, and it tasted Delicious. It was quite disturbing. 

Which reminds me again, I love the shampoo and conditioner. The scent of them, which is the same as the lotion, stays in my hair all day long, no matter how many other products I use in it that have strong smells (such as Chi Silk Infusion, my love). It's delicious. 

I never got around to doing my Maleficent makeup. How unfortunate. It was going to be so pretty, too. Maybe that's what I'll do for Halloween. 

One of my freshly painted nails chipped. Awesome. I hate chipped nails. It drives me nuts. I need to buy that polish thinner stuff (I think it's just turpentine or something, but perhaps diluted to be safer for use on the nails) that one can use to fix chips and stuff without having to redo the entire nail. As if that's really worthwhile. Ugh. 

Being out all day caused me to miss my naps. Being off my nap schedule makes me extremely tired, more so than usual. I came home and slept for about five hours, and I'm still super tired.

I used the Dead Sea Mud mask from Best Bath Store, and I love it. It smells like dirt, and it feels like dirt, but it makes my skin feel super clean, and it also slightly exfoliates, since it's pretty much dirt. 

Today I watched a video on YouTube about using champagne as a toner on one's face. That's all nice and clever, but why the fuck would a person do that? That's just stupid. No one is ever like "oh, I've run out of my toner, I guess I'll use my champagne". People just don't do that. It's not like people just keep champagne laying around their homes, and most normal people wouldn't waste it on their face. Blech. You could just go to the store and buy a bottle of ethyl alcohol (as opposed to isopropyl), and you're good to go. Ugh. People. This person also made a video about how to make curls using paper bags, because we need to waste more paper, obviously. I sent her a message saying she could use cloth, which is more sturdy, less likely to break down under wet hair, and REUSABLE therefore being environmentally friendly. What a fucking moron. I mean, seriously. Yes. 

I should go back to sleep. Tomorrow I have to read and clean and study and organize! And maybe shop... 

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