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25 April 2009

Tanning! and shopping with other people's money.

So I believe I mentioned that I purchased Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer? It's amazing! I have a tan! and no skin cancer! The only bad thing is that I forget to wash my hands sometimes, and I have orangey ickyness between my fingers on my right hand! :o( I'm considering that perhaps I should buy the mousse form instead of the lotion. I hear it's less streaky since it dries faster. The lotion isn't streaky, but it's more difficult to get an even coat of lotion. I have a swirl of tan/not tan on my shoulder because I'm stupid and can't rub lotion in on that spot, apparently. It's OK since I rarely show any skin. And my skin isn't sickeningly pale! I'm also using it on my face, which means I need to buy at least one foundation that is a shade darker as my skin is now darker. I've just been using my amazing Everyday Minerals foundation samples since I bought a couple that are a little darker. I LOOOVE them. Anyway...I'm colored! yay. 

I painted my nails with Solar Power from China Glaze, and I must say that I am a tad disappointed. All nail polish is buy two get one free at Sally's, so I bought some, of course, and I've discovered that despite my large collection of China Glaze polishes, I'm not a huge fan of them at all. They're of a much lower quality than OPI, even though they're supposed to be equal. Although OPI is more expensive. And the Gargantuan Green Grape from OPI that I bought is also a disappointment. Anyway--Solar Power is a bright yellow, sort of marigold, with very slight shimmer. In the bottle it looks really pretty and really shimmery and less obnoxious than it does on my fingers. It's also one of those colors that has to be applied perfectly otherwise your nails look like crap. My nails look like crap, but I'm not redoing them. I have to attend a baby shower tomorrow, and I need to sleep, etc. etc. I still like the color, of course. I haven't even used most of my new nail polishes. That is rather sad. I really like the neon purple one though. I think it's called Purple Dragon. It's really pretty. 
Orly lies. Their Won't Chip does not keep nails from chipping for two weeks. It lasts one week at best, but that could be my water. I know the water in my shower is not as..soft, I it needs to be. 

Yesterday I bought a a few new storage items. I bought another little drawer thing for my makeup since the collection is always growing, and I bought a basket thing and a larger, clear container for my hair products. I'm not sure where I'll put these storage things, but I needed them. They all match, too! That's happy. 

Pierre went to the doctor yesterday as well. He weighs three pounds and thirteen ounces. The doctor says he's doing really well, exceptionally well, actually. Apparently dogs aren't supposed to know how to walk on a leash at twelve weeks. Or jump the way he does. Or do anything as accelerated as he does. I have a smart puppy! Yay! And we bought him those pads for the floor, and he uses them! good puppers. We also discussed different methods of making him stop biting. He's a little snapper! Also, he is super friendly and excitable. He wanted to see everyone in the office. We saw an old Russian man (RUSSIAN!!!) in the waiting room, and Pierre ran up to him and started begging for pets and stuff. I apologized to the man, of course, but he really didn't seem to mind. And he kept trying to kiss the doctor. And well--he just loves everyone. He had to get shots and stuff. 

Speaking of dogs---on the way home from buying foods I saw an injured doggy! It looked very familiar. I tried to get the doggy to come to me, so I could look at its leg (since that's what was injured), but of course it was skittish and refused. The poor thing. I hope someone catches it and helps it. I could swear I've seen that dog before though. Poor puppers.

Love dove also gave me a shelf for my printer and stuff. So I have like two feet of extra floor space now! Yay.

I washed my car the other day, right before it rained. I'm quite smart that way. I didn't know it was going to rain! And I was in one of those moods. I absolutely had to clean the car right then, inside and out. I feel much better in the car now. It needed to be vacuumed and such. 

Oh, when I was at Sally's I also bought this foot stuff called Heel to Toe. I really like it, and it makes my feet feel soft. My feet are already soft, but I figure it can't hurt to make them softer. I should go back and buy a larger jar of it. I got the mini one to test it.  

I also had to buy a different kind of sunscreen than I normally buy because Target decided they weren't going to stock my usual in SPF 45, only SPF 15, which is unacceptable. I had to buy something else from the same company in SPF 70 or something, which is just stupid. No one needs SPF 70, unless they live in a glass house. 

I've been on a Harry Potter kick lately. I've been all "Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter!!!" I've watched all four of the movies I own like ten times the past two days. 

I took a test in psychology. I know I did not fail it. That's good. I feel like I'm doing better. 

My family is not very familial. At all. I would call them saboteurs, at best. My siblings now make fun of me for being on psychiatric medications. That's pretty awesome, except not. 

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