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28 April 2009

My nails are gorgeous!

So I bought more nail polish. As usual. I can't help it if it's buy two get one free at Sally's, and I compulsively buy things. 

What I Bought:
China Glaze:
For Audrey
Ruby Pumps.
Seche Vite Fast Dry Topcoat. 

Currently on my nails is For Audrey, which is obviously a nod to Audrey Hepburn, as it's Tiffany blue, even though everyone knows Cartier is way better. Whatevs. I hate diamonds, so I'll call it robin egg blue. Same thing. 

But it's so pretty! I'm not sure I like it for Spring. I mean--it's sort of like an Easter egg on each of my nails, but it seems more summery. I don't know. 
Now about China Glaze polishes, I prefer the cream ones, like For Audrey and Secret Perwinkle. The shimmer ones are streaky, and the glitter ones are chunky and impossible to remove, though they're all really pretty. I cannot wait to try to pink one I have: Wild Mink. It's so pink! 

I also have more hair stuff. 

I saw my therapist. She thinks my psychiatrist has lost his touch due to his inability to understand the facets of my personality to which he ought to pay close attention, like my obsessive nature and tendency to psychosomatically cause myself to have any adverse reactions of which he tells me of any prescriptions he prescribes to me. Every single time. "This might aggravate your anxiety." Two weeks later: This really aggravated my anxiety. With the new medicine he's given me, I might be able to psychosomatically kill myself! Wouldn't that be something? Only not. I already experienced every common side effect, and I haven't had any of them recur. I hope not to experience any again as they were all particularly unpleasant. I do still have to see my normal doctor though due to general lethargy and a swollen arm and pain and the Death that is quickly encroaching my normal problems. Stupid Death. 

So I've been reading The Bell Jar, and of course it's not particularly healthy for me, except when dear Esther discusses her experience with ECT, I feel like pretending I never feel depressed anyway because even though it's much less terrible now, I'm sure it's quite unpleasant, and these days doctors are just as ECT happy as they ever were. It makes me feel better since I've never been electrocuted. I mean been put through electroconvulsive therapy. Whatevs. I'm almost finished with it. So of course I won't read the last few chapters. I'll move on to something else.

I actually have tons of work to do. A book report, an oral report (with partner), study history for the rest of my life, AND not stress myself to death. Oh and visit the doctor to have her look at this painful, swollen, hard arm thing and make it stop being so painful! ouchies. Seriously. Big ouch. 

It is my bed time. Sort of. 

AND I got an A on my psychology test.

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