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22 April 2009

I don't mean to eavesdrop.

Today in English I did fantastic in that I didn't shy away from talking to people! I even offered help with French homework! Holy crap. 

I almost ended up doing a presentation on Gulliver's Travels which I was totally down to do because I happen to like it (and the satirical aspects of it interest me as well), but then the teacher said that the other thing to do was about women beginning to speak out against their treatment, and the only other people left to do presentations are male, and I was like "um---I think we should take that sense we're women, and we won't be stupid about it." I don't want to generalize that men are morons or anything, but I've noticed that the ones in that class, when speaking about serious subjects such as women's desire for more exposure to the world, etc., they act like twelve year olds. So my partner and I are going to do that. I think it should work. The girl with whom I am partnered is quiet, nice, and not a moron, so I am not particularly concerned about how that's going to work. I just want to make sure we're not reading from a power point presentation. I suppose I'll discuss that with her on Monday. She also seems like she'd let me do all the talking, which I prefer, but I wouldn't ask anyone to NOT speak if they wanted. Whatever. It will be worked out. 

I actually ended up being late for my history class because I stayed so late after English talking to my teacher and a few of my fellow students. Oopsies. But look at me being social! 

About eavesdropping, I heard one of the Twilight girls in my English class say (before class,  and very loudly so it's not my fault) "so apparently I'm not as gay as I thought I was" and then she went on to say how frustrating it was because it was like figuring yourself out all over again, and I just wanted to turn around and give her a hug and tell her she doesn't have to figure shit out because definitions aren't necessary, and if she wanted to talk, I understand and shit. Me and my fucking compassion. Ugh. I really did want to say something. She seemed upset, and the person to whom she was saying it had nothing helpful to say. :o/ Decisions, decisions. I decided not to say anything. It's none of my business. 

I am tired of typing.

Today I bought Yes to Carrots Shampoo and Conditioner, Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap in Lavender, and three nail polishes from China Glaze: Wild Mink, Solar Power, and Flying Dragon (neon). The last one is absolutely gorgeous. I love all the colors. I cannot wait to try them out.

I've been using Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing daily moisturizer to give myself some color (for my face, too--the face one), and it seems to be working so far. I'm pleased with the results. It's working better on my arms and face than my legs though. Odd. I might buy the one for darker skin tones for my legs if it doesn't change soon. Anyway, yeah.

I may be going shopping tomorrow, which makes me happy. If I don't, I'll be studying and napping. I could nap forever. 

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