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02 April 2009

My Goodies!

So, as you can see, my blow dryer and flat iron have finally arrived, and I am Super excited to try them! First impressions: they smell new. They are shiny. They are both very light, particularly the blow dryer, which I love. I tested the flat iron really quick to see how fast it heats up and how well it straightens, it took like five seconds to get super hot (on the lowest heat setting, as I have very fine hair), and it straightens like a dream. Perfectly straight, no frizzies. The blow dryer has not been tested obviously as today is not a hair washing day, but I shall test it tomorrow. I did turn it on to see how loud it is, and it's not very loud at all, which is super exciting. I really hate that my current blow dryer is really loud (and I lost my concentrator nozzle! hmph). It only has Hight and Low power settings, but I don't know if that also applies to heat. And it has a cool shot button, which is always a good thing. The flat iron---the only thing I don't like is that the on/off button is inside of it which means I have to wedge a finger in to turn it off, and it doesn't automatically turn itself off after a while of not being in use, which scares me because I'm scatter brained and leave things turned on all the time. My other flat iron does turn off by itself, so :o/. It is a better straightener though, so I'll just hope I remember to turn it off. Leave notes or something. And the colors match! I'm rather glad they sent the red one instead of the pink because the red is really pretty, and it matches the blow dryer. Oh, and the blow dryer was free. I love free things. 

I'm still sad about the FHI Hot Sauce. Hmph!

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