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01 April 2009

Sleepy Me

Below I have a list of a ton of new products I bought. I have not used the mascaras at all because I have four or five mascaras opened right now, and I don't want to waste any Too Faced anything. It's 'spensive. So--yeah. I'm going to have to throw out my Colossal soon though. :o( I really like that one, even though it has the weirdest smell Ever, worse than witch hazel! 

D and I decided that witch hazel smells like a mixture of gin and whiskey, which is really, really odd as they smell nothing alike. 

The Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner are delightful, but the shampoo is really thick and difficult to lather. I mix the conditioner with my Biolage conditioning balm to make my hair super silky and soft and happy. I have not used any of the other shampoos/conditioners, though you know I love Pureology. I love that it makes my hair smell herbal all day long. I've been using the Infusion 23, Chi Silk Infusion, and Redken Anti-Snap every time I wash my hair to make it even more silky and soft and happy, and it's going delightfully well. Beauty Choice informed me that my FHI Hot Sauce (which I really wanted to try) will not be delivered as it is not in stock. I can't find it anywhere around my house, so I guess I will never know. It was convenient to purchase with my flat iron and blow dryer (which still haven't arrived) because I got free shipping with those two. I'm not going to pay $20 for a 2 oz. bottle of heat protectant lotion. So whatevs. 

Onto cleansers, I mentioned the bar of soap for my face: I love it. I also bought Eucerin Redness Relief cleanser because I figured it would be similar to the other one that I wanted, but it's like a gel and weird, and I don't really like it. The Black Rice cleanser is the worst thing I have ever put on my face. It doesn't remove any makeup (even though I wash my face TWICE) despite having mineral oil in it, and it leaves my face feeling really, really oily. I'm still going to use it all because I paid for it, but ---fuck, man ---worst cleanser ever. I bought this other skin care line at CVS that is amazing and mostly natural and smells delicious. I bought the cleanser, exfoliator, moisturizer, and eye cream. I didn't need the toner because I use witch hazel for that. The only problem is that it only comes in 4 oz. bottles. Hmph. Oh and the Eucerin moisturizer that I got is amazing. I love it. 

Speaking of, they are getting on my fucking nerves. First they call me to say that the flat iron I ordered is on back order, so can they send the red one? Sure you can send the red one. It took them a week to process the order. It's taken them another week to say that they've shipped it, and they e-mailed me today to ask me to review items I have not yet received. AND they e-mailed to say my flat iron, blow dryer, and FHI Hot Sauce had been shipped, then e-mailed the next day to say "oh just kidding the FHI Hot Sauce is not in stock, and we will refund you" and they'd better fucking refund me. I am not pleased. I do not wish to ever purchase anything from them ever again. Seriously. 

I love my new phone. It's so nice and shiny and typey and fun. 

I have a new puppy, Pierre, and he is such a nuisance. I've grown quite tired of caring for baby animals. First it was like a billion kittens, a puppy, a hamster, and NOW another puppy. Ugh. Not happy. 

School is not going well at all. My history teacher has given us a chance to get 20 extra credit points, and given that I got a 59 on the last test (no, I did not study), I need them. So--I'm going to listen to someone talk about gay/lesbian activism (which I'm interested in hearing and would have attended anyway) and someone talking about her book (which I'm not interested in but that's 10 fucking points, man!). 

I still have not received my CPR/First-Aid cards, and I am most upset. I want them. I went to my teacher's office to get them last Monday, when she said she'd be in her office and when I said I'd meet her, but she was not there. This is just one more thing to add to my quickly growing list of everyday-frustrations-which-are-turning-into-infuriating-incidents. Not happy. 

I bought a new dress today. I'm not going to lie. The deciding factor in buying it was that it is very similar to an outfit worn by Esme in Twilight. Whatever. It's fucking HOT. And I got a purple shirt because I have not got any purple in my closet or my drawers or anywhere, and I needed some purple. The dress will also go really well with my new black patent peep-toe sling-backs. Just saying.

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