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07 May 2009

I swear I'm trying to cut down on things I want.

Lately, I've been looking at things and thinking I need them. And I don't need them. I don't really need much of anything, except more summery clothes would be nice since I tend to stock up on winter stuff because I look better in the winter. And maybe one or two more pairs of sandals just so I have more variety...anyway. I am trying really, really hard to not even consider buying anymore makeup products until I finish at least one or two. I have so many different foundations currently in use that I have absolutely no reason to even consider purchasing another one, but I still want to. And I have like six mascaras in use, yet I want to buy a new one. And eyeshadows, of course. I have all the colors that work with my eyecolor and are light enough for spring and summer, so I don't need to buy anymore, but of course, I want to. I've just got to chill out.

Speaking of chilling out---I took two of my valerian root capsules last night (that's 900 mg), and it actually helped me go to sleep. I slept for 10 hours straight, no interruptions, no bad dreams. I had very vivid dreams, but I'm not sure what's causing those. I don't usually have vivid dreams unless they're really bad dreams, but these were really interesting dreams. I had a dream about making a delicious cocktail involving orange pineapple juice and some liquor I can't remember--it was one I don't normally drink. But the juice was red, not orange. And I was drinking it out of a wooden bowl with lots of ice. Then I stole a tester of some kind of makeup that I'm pretty sure I just invented in my sleep. It was named after a person---a really attractive woman---, but I can't remember the name, and I am pretty sure it's not a real person. I have never just invented a person so vividly in my dreams. It was fun. Oh--the cocktail stuff came from my boyfriend's parents. I don't know why. My boyfriend was in the dream, too, but I don't remember what we were doing. These are all different dreams, of course. I also had one about ...cutting myself? Like I was really depressed in the dream, but I am not unhappy. I'll have to think about those more. The thing about these dreams is that I don't know why I have them like that. I don't know if it's one of the new drugs, but I'm pretty sure it's not the valerian root. I have dreams like this every time I sleep, and I don't take the valerian root all the time, only sometimes. The bottle says that I can take up to five (probably less since I'm not really normal adult size), so I decided to take two last night since one doesn't usually work. It worked gloriously. I'm also trying to take B-12 and stuff because my therapist says it will help a lot with my meds and all that kind of stuff. 

Apparently this new med reacts badly with grapefruit. That's what my therapist told me. My psychiatrist didn't tell me that, and I couldn't find any specific information online, just that it has weird reactions with certain foods, so I asked her, and she said that it's usually grapefruit. I'm hoping this doesn't apply to all citrus fruits since I have a wee obsession with satsumas and oranges and lemons and delicious citrus fruits. 

I think my boyfriend came to visit me last night, an I think we had a mini-fight. I don't really remember. I can't remember anything very clearly, except that I saw Robert yesterday, and I decided that he resembled Salvador Dali. And I found the Belgian beer. I never remember the name of it. 

I guess I can go study now. I'm not sure if I really had anything to say. 

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