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17 May 2009

Industrial Woes.

My industrial in my ear was hurting really bad. When the jewelry is in, I can't see the holes to see if they are irritated, so I had to remove it, which I've never done. I have had this piercing for two years, and I have never removed the jewelry. Why would I? Well, for starters, when I removed it, it pulled gunk out. One problem with the industrial is that it makes it harder to clean that part of my ear because there is a bar in the way! So it gets gross. I realize now that I should remove it more often just to clean it. I mean I rinse it in the shower, but apparently that's not working so well. So I pulled it out, and the bar had gunk on it, and I was like "eiw." And then I poked around the holes to see what was going on, why they hurt, etc. The upper hole (the one closest to my head) is all crusty inside and out (in and out of my ear), and the lower hole is just really irritated and swollen. I assume it is from sleeping on it or something and putting a lot of pressure on the piercings. I am not sure what to do for the pain though other than take ibuprofen (which I probably shouldn't take).  This piercing doesn't respond well to ice or cold (it makes it hurt more), so I can't ice it. I have to put the jewelry back in eventually, obviously. I'm not even completely positive that I can get it back in. I know it is going to hurt. I should probably get some Provon for it. That might make it feel better. Provon makes everything feel better. Ouchies! :o/ 

In other news, I still need like a million more nail polishes. Love dove just doesn't understand this obsession. He doesn't see the lack of variety in my polishes. I don't really have that many. I will not count but eyeballing it I'd say twenty, maybe pushing thirty tops. NOT ENOUGH. Only TWO purples. Four blues. ONE red. four greens. idk. whatever. I need more. I mostly want more purples, more lilacs and lavenders and such. I only have glittery purples at the moment. I want creamy purple! And more yellow. I only have one yellow, and I'm not much of a fan of it. 

I have my first potential swap on MUA almost set up, and I am super excited. If all goes well, I will be receiving NYX Doll Eye mascara (which is on one of the lists below!) in exchange for my Boots No7 Mattifying Base, which doesn't work for my skin because it's just not oily enough. I am very excited to swap something. For one thing, it means I will not have wasted my money on something I don't use, but also, since I've never swapped before people don't want to swap with me because they don't know me. The more swaps I do, the more trusted I will be. So I want to swap! as much as possible. I suppose I should add all of those things on my lists below to my wish list on there, even though my list of items to swap is very small. I happen to like most of the makeup things I have purchased. 

It seems odd to wish for oily skin, but seriously ---oily skin looks younger longer, and I like younger skin. I always assume I will die before I can get wrinkles and such though. It just seems that it will happen. We'll see. 

I still can't decide where to stick my Arctic Ocean map! I am trying to get my room rearranged and remove shit I don't want/need in here and clean and organize and all that happy jazz. So I can't really make choices like that until it's all finishes. I just don't know what to do with all this Stuff. It is driving me crazy. I hate Stuff. And still I need more. Oy. 

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