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18 May 2009

My Closet.

My closet is driving me nuts. It is fucking disorganized to the point of --being really obnoxious. I've got all my winter clothes peeping out, screaming "we're hot and itchy! wear us!" but no no I will not wear you! I must get storage bins to put them in, but WHERE to put the bins? Under the bed is taken. I have so much Stuff that even organizational bins won't help me! And none of it is worth selling on ebay.  Well, perhaps a couple of my coats could go, but I love them! why would I get rid of them? I already moved formal gowns to my sister's closet since she doesn't put her clothes in it.  My closet needs to be reorganized with storage bins for sweaters and coats. And perhaps the pea coat ought to go. I'm sure someone would want it. I certainly don't. And there are boxes in there that could go in the attic, though I will not part with my Chinese tea set. I've already had one thing from my grandmother stolen from me. I shall not risk another. Besides, I love that tea set. It's probably full of lead, but it is beautiful! Oh well. I'll have to go through everything and toss things and move things and so on and so forth. Summer projects! 
I've already moved one giant rubbermaid bin out of my room and into one of the basement rooms, yet I could use like four more. Ugh. 

So I have a deep yearning for organizational tools. And people to organize for me. And new window dressings, thermal ones for temperature and light control. And more lamps. And stuff. But really, organization is key.

I thought of this because I was doing laundry, and I had to go to the closet. Ugh.

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