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30 June 2009


I watched The Bachelorette, again. I feel like I'm losing epic brain cells. That woman is such a fucking moron. But at least Ed came back! I liked him. But the other guys (aside from Reid, who is nerd hot) are disgusting. I do not know how a person can make such bad decisions about relationships AT HER AGE. I'm about eight years younger, and I've never been that stupid. Gross. 

Otherwise, I was on blogtv for a really long time. I very much enjoy blogtv. Social interaction ftw! 

My lungs hurt. They're probably like pneumonic or something, no big deal. And I'm pneumatic. What a fun world! 

Nothing new to report; I guess. 

I need to buy some clothes, though. I emptied my closet like a few weeks ago, and it's actually almost empty. Hmph. I should stop doing that. 

The boyfriend always chooses to have terrible days when I'm miffed at him, so I can't be miffed at him. How unfair! Yesterday my mother decided that he and I are perfect for each other because we're both really weird in exactly the same ways--mainly space issues. Of course, I knew that from the beginning. Why else would I leave a particularly well-off man who was really super duper going places for someone who wasn't really doing that? I mean aside from the fact that he's nicer to me. whatever. 

I love my bed. I need a pretty headboard for it. So what I really love is my mattress. And my bed things. It's all fantastic! 

I downloaded Adium to use instead of iChat even though I don't have any problems with iChat, and I really like it. Parts of it confuse me because I never really sign on to chat, so I don't have much of a chance to play with it and figure out how stuff works, but I really like the logo. It's a duck, and I can change the color of my duck in my dock to be whatever I want. My duck is yellow. When I am offline, the duck closes its eyes. When I'm on, it opens them. When I go away, the duck holds up a sign. It's all so precious! The duck is named Adiumy. And when I get a new message, the duck flaps its wings. So cute! I like it, so far. 

Perhaps I should sell some of my shoes. I have quite a few pairs that I've never worn or have worn only once. That's not gross, to sell a pair that's only been worn once; is it? We shall see. I get attached to my things, even if I don't need them, like my beautiful guitar. I'm considering making it a decorative item, like sticking it on my wall or something, since I don't play guitar, but it's so pretty, and it would look cute on my wall. But if I sold it, I could have some monies. And I'm actually trying to save monies, my monies. I never really get monies since I'm not working and am  kind of too lazy/anxious/agitated at the moment to seriously look for a job, but I do come across money here and there, and I'm trying to just save it. I gave all of my savings to my brother a few weeks ago to help him for something, and now I feel that it was a total waste, and I'm a little sad, but it wasn't very much money, so it's not a big deal. And at least I know I'm a good person inside, or some bullshit like that. 

I have officially decided that I do not like having my hair as short as it is. I like the way it looks, but it is really annoying. I have to put the front up in a mini pomp all the time because it gets in my face. I'm also tired of red. I will dye it dark brown now, perhaps. 

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