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02 July 2009

My Only MAC Eyeshadow: Warm Chill

I'd post a photo, but seriously--you can google. It was a limited edition color that was released with the Cool Heat collection summer '08. And I saw it at my CCO, and I was like "ooh that's pretty" and bought it for cheaps (almost half it's normal price, actually). I didn't test it in the store, which wasn't a good idea, but anyway--here's what I have to say. I NEVER USE IT. It's a pretty green/blue with a gold duo-chrome (it's a frost). When it's applied without a base, it doesn't really show up. It looks like a very light gold shimmer, which is pretty, but not what I wanted. When I put it on with a base, it's a more vibrant gold shimmer, almost yellow, but still very little green. It can be layered to be a very subtle blue/green with a beautiful gold shimmer, and that's what I like. I've considered swapping it on MUA, but then I'm like "no, it's pretty!" because I really like the gold duo-chrome. I also really love the little pots MAC eyeshadows are in, but they're plastic, and that's bad. I'm thinking that if I ever feel the need to buy more MAC eye shadows, I should just get a 15 pan pro-palette and buy the individual panned shadows. They're cheaper than the potted ones anyway. (The little pots aren't really that bad though because you can Back2MAC them, and they recycle them...or rather reuse.) Anyway, I plan to put my eye shadow to better use, poor lonely eye shadow. 

I was on the MAC website last night checking out new things, and I created a huge lipstick/lipglass wish list. Ridiculous. I really like MAC's lip products. I would call them their standout products, but that's just me (probably). And I need more purple/fuchsia lipsticks! And I still cannot wait for the black lipglasses. Lancome sells black gloss, but it's overpriced, so I'm happy that MAC is doing it! They have pretty sparkles in them, too. Oh, if only October would come faster! (I'm sure it will be here soon enough, after my awful birthday). 

I entered a contest to win a really neat (and good!) self-tanning thingamajig. I hope I win. I want pretty color. And it also just seems fun. And if I don't like it, I can swapsies! 

My mom is planning to put a pond in the yard somewhere (she would prefer the back since it's like a jungle, but the dogs would play in it and stuff), and I'm thinking we could tuck my turtles in there! That way they can be outside where they belong, but they will still be with me, and I can watch them grow up, and it'll be so cute. I want a pond! 

I haven't slept yet. 

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