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05 June 2009

Scooby Dooby Doo Where Are You?

I cannot stop singing the Scooby Doo theme song. I think everyone in my house wants to kill me. 

More makeup blabbering to follow:
I got Revlon Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder in Brighten, which is very similar to MAC's MSFs, except as far as I can tell there is little color pay off. It's is light pink with white and darker pink veining, and it applies as a soft, shimmery sort of thing, which I like. This means I can stop abusing my MAC MSF natural/shimmer because the shimmer side is almost gone (I use it on a daily basis because it is my LOVE), and I don't know if I'll be able to get another one, since they are no longer available in MAC stores/counters/website. I like the really soft, shimmery effect on my skin. I like it to look dewy. The only problem I have with putting a bunch of powder on my face is that it makes my dry skin unhappy. I'd actually really like to try the bronzey MFP from Revlon, and some of their mineral blushes. I like the texture of this one. 

 I've been trying to use my normal face lotions the past few days since they're neglected, but they don't give my skin the moisture it needs. I to use a facial cream. It makes me sad that my skin is so desperate for moisture. Luckily, I finally got the right cleansers for my skin. 

I also bought L'oreal Telescopic Clean Definition mascara in blackest black, finally. First impression is that the wand is really flimsy. How the hell do people use these cheap, flimsy wands? I hate them. I have not yet used the mascara, obviously, but I suppose I will try it out tomorrow. 

I also bought Jane Maxlash2 precise Lash Defining Mascara in black, of course. I just grabbed it on a whim because it was on sale. Again, it has a really flimsy wand. I hate flimsy wands! I will try this one on Sunday or something. 

I also grabbed Jane Be Pure Mineral Gliding Liner in Earth (03). I'll probably use it as a brow pencil, but I like the color enough to line my eyes with it. I trust Jane in that regard. I really like Jane products. I find that they are highly underrated as far as drugstore makeup goes. So far, I've only swatched it, and it comes out this beautiful reddish brown, and it's pretty smooth. We'll see how it works on my face!

I also bought Jane Be Pure Mineral Blush in Rose Satin. It's a nice peachy color, which is what I have been wanting for a while. Swatching it on my hand proved it to be very sheer but very pigmented and pretty. I really like it, and I think it will look fantastic on my skin tone. The texture is very smooth. We'll see how it works on my face, but again--Jane is so underrated. It's a wonderful drugstore brand that makes highly pigmented eyeshadows, blushes, liners--everything. I haven't found any products of theirs to particularly dislike, except the pluming lip gloss. 

I also bought got2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Luxury Mousse to help in styling my hair. I have tried it yet, but I got it 2USD off, so that's good. I put a lot of faith in got2b products, so I'm not concerned about how well it will work. From what I've been able to smell, it smells good. All of my got2b products smell delicious though. 

I also got a huge tub to pull my winter wardrobe in. It barely fits... I need to go through it and fold it all and get it organized so all of it will fit. I was just really tired of my closet being super crowded. I'm considering selling a lot of my stuff because I just have too many things. I am not one to have so many things, though I do continue to buy things. It's very difficult to explain. Don't ask. (but it's in my post about compulsions, so maybe you should read that, k?) 

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