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07 July 2009

No, birthday, no.

I couldn't sleep again, but I have things to do today, so I'm going to make some of my delicious cinnamon chocolate coffee and then take a shower. Then I'll read. 

All night I have been feeling really depressed about my birthday. It's in a few weeks, and I don't want it to happen. It's the same as last year. I hope that I will at least receive happy presents this year, like maybe someone will actually look at my wish list and buy something from it instead of either promising me something they won't buy or just giving me a last minute "oh shit I forgot" gift. Or nothing at all. I am so down on my birthday. 

At the moment, I am loving all things purple. In particular, though, I absolutely love NYX purple eye shadow. It is so gorgeous. It's a deep violet with a blue duo-chrome, and it is SO pretty. It's very soft and pigmented. I've found that NYX eye shadows are very hit or miss with the pigmentation. Most of the shimmery ones are chalky and not so good. The matte and satin ones are fantastic. I also love the Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencils--particularly black bean. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Yay NYX. 

I wish I had slept. :o/

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