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06 July 2009

Oh, Ulta, how I love thee.

I love Ulta because they have super sales every month, all the time. I love Ulta for having College Day which is the first Tuesday of every month, and it means that I get 20% off my entire purchase just for being a poor college student. Except I never remember to go on College Day! I do not, however, love Ulta for never having the primer that I always go there to buy. It is always sold out, and I want it. I want it like nobody's business. It's cheap, and I need to know if it's effective. Otherwise, I'll have to find something else. I'm also really happy that Ulta is now carrying Benefit and Cargo! 

I can finally pick up my ARC first aid/CPR certification cards on Tuesday, and I'm pretty sure they need to be renewed sometime in December. Possibly next January. The point is that I'll only be able to prove that I'm certified for like four months. I'm not sure what use the certification really serves me, though my dad may be able to hook me up with a teaching job, so long as I check with the ARC. Their website is useless, of course. It would be nice though to put that class to use. 

I really want to take SCUBA. I'm not sure if SCUBA is available at my school (though I'm pretty sure it is), and I'm not entirely sure that I can do it with my claustrophobia and all. Just imagining doing it makes me feel a little panicky, so I may have to try it and see if I can do it, and if I can't, drop it and sell my expensive SCUBA gear. I absolutely have to take math, of course. Maybe I'll take World History 2. I always do well in world history classes, and I should see about taking some half-term courses. I do better in them as they aren't long enough for me to tire of them and get lazy. I should definitely take French half-term in order to get my foreign language out of the way without suffering through an entire semester of things I already know. I don't know if my favorite French teacher teaches at my campus though. I'll check. I'm really sad that my favorite English teacher left forever and ever, and I have no way of contacting her to tell her exactly how much I adored her. Or to chat about books. We had the same taste, most of the time. Oh well. Life goes on, and I don't really need anymore old friends. Two more semesters and I will transfer. I have promised myself. I'm not comfortable transferring for spring semester, so I'll have to transfer for a fall semester, and my GPA is too low right now. And if I decide to go into marine biology and such, SCUBA will be useful. I'll also feel better transferring to a place that has the animals I like, like um..Hawaii, which I've been eyeing for a while anyway. I'm quite taken with two schools there, and the islands themselves are nice. Moving on. 

My boyfriend let me put a whole bunch of product in his hair because he secretly loves me, and I made him look so cute! The next day he said that it improved his hair! He needs me and my products; I always knew it!


l'imagination est la clef said...

Omg I love ULTA too! I have their little ulta card.. {which I have no idea what it does} and I get their coupon things in the mail like every 2 weeks{maybe} But you know I had no idea they had college days.

k said...

The Ulta club card gives you discounts.