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10 September 2009

In Love with Peter Bjorn and John. Not a new thing.

I did my nails! I chose a color! yay. Wild Mink by China Glaze. That picture blows, but I don't feel like taking a better one. Since it's still summer for a couple of weeks, I want to use all of my summer colors! I am so excited for fall and winter though! This is one of my favorite pink nail polishes, even though the quality of China Glaze is SO sub-par. I should have used about three coats, but I didn't feel like it.

Yeah, my boyfriend takes four hours to respond to my text messages. What were you doing, love? HMM?! with your other girlfriend, eh? HMPH!

I love writing reviews for makeup products

Also, I tried my Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara, finally. I hate it. My expectations were a lot higher since so many people had so many good things to say, but it SUCKS. I will review it further later.


Galaxy6139 said...

I think you are having a HUGE collection of cosmetic

k said...

I am.