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16 September 2009

Sick--still? oh, yes.

As I've been purchasing more makeup items, I've been clearing lots out through MUA. I have already sent out two nail polishes of which I'm not particularly fond. I have lots of other items up for swap as well. That's all.

Last week I developed an icky cold, but over the weekend it seemed to have retreated. False. Monday morning, in the middle of English, I became violently ill. I waited through class, and when I was finished I scurried to the caf to get a brownie. Perhaps a brownie would help. No. The brownies at my school happen to be delicious, but the brownie did nothing for me except provide a few extra calories to burn. I drove home. I really wanted to go to my history class to see my grade on my test, but I felt very close to collapse. I took cold medicine and collapsed. I can't take a lot of any type of medicine to alleviate my sore throat, stuffy nose, aches, etc., so I'm particularly miserable. It still hasn't gone away, so I'll be missing classes again this morning. I hate it. I fucking hate missing classes. It's too early in the semester to have missed as many as I already have. :o/

So over the past two days I've been laying in my bed absolutely miserable, reading books and attempting noms when made available. I re-read New Moon, since the movie is soon, and I didn't give it a review before. I also read some of my philosophy stuff. Descartes. I even did the homework assignment we had, though I won't be able to turn it in since I'm sick. I'll have to e-mail my HOT teacher to get the homework for today. I better be well by Friday, since I absolutely must be in class. ugh.

I am going back to bed.


Alex Catgirl said...

Noooooooooo. You can NOT read Stephanie Myers...EVER, it explains why you feel so crappy, twitard poisoning.

But have no fear! Catgirl is here, with a huge list of urban fantasy books that are way better than twilight.

PS vote for your favourite image gallery, it's the top post on titled "Lightbox" or something like that.

k said...

Ha! That probably does contribute to the illness.

No worries, though. I have a much larger collection of worthwhile literature. Promise.