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18 January 2010

Anonymous Commenting

When I see that a comment is from "anonymous" I don't even read it. And I sure as shit don't publish it. It just makes me angry. If you feel the need to read and comment on blogs, make an account. It's not hard.

I turned off anonymous commenting. Why didn't I do that before?

This stems from the popularity of my "paper vs. plastic" post. Since I follow a lot of environmentalist groups on Twitter and have my blog set as my website there, I find I get a lot of those types reading the blog, because it's obviously all about the environment. It makes sense. Anyway, I got a lot of anonymous commenters on that post because everyone thinks I should use plastic instead, apparently, despite having not specified what type of plastic I rally against.

"KEEP YOUR STUPID COMMENTS IN YOUR POCKET." until I say something worth your comment.

This sounds a lot less awesome than it could have.

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