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09 April 2012

Maybelline FitMe Blush - Champagne Blossom

I bought this at Walgreens for about 6 USD. Like all of the FitMe blushes I have tried, this one is not particularly soft or super blendable, but I find the color payoff is decent enough to justify the price. This one is more of a highlighting product than a blush, though. It's a peach with golden shimmers, and when I say shimmers, I mean small but still obvious glitter particles. I find I get a lot of fallout with the glitter particles, so I am not absolutely in love with this product. I have found, though, that if I take a large, powder brush and swipe it over where I've applied this on my face, the shimmers fall away, and I am left with a beautiful, golden sheen to my skin. I just don't think I should have to make applying my highlighter a two-step process, no matter the price of the item. So I give this a 2 out of 5 because I love the color and the sheen it gives, but the texture and glitter particles are not appealing to me.

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